Crafting Intuitive Experiences to Boost User Engagement & Drive Business Success

Meet Bhavik, a Product Designer adept in driving product success. With a collaborative approach, he integrates multidisciplinary expertise to deliver solutions that enhance business value and foster user-centric growth
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Crafting Seamless Experiences: Elevating User Journeys with Intuitive Design

Meet Bhavik, the Product designer skilled in collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to deliver well-rounded products that drive business value.













My Featured Work
Financial Services
Web App
5 min read

Streamlining Financial Reports: 90% Faster Task Success, Saving 60 Hours/Cycle

Boosted task success rate by 90% and saved 60 hours per filing cycle by streamlining the manual reconciliation of facts in 10K and 10Q financial reports, enhancing the precision and speed of financial tie-outs.
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Financial Services
Dashboard Design
5 min read

Workiva - Financial Reporting Dashboard.

Enhanced financial oversight and reduced manual management time by 50% by integrating Workiva products into dynamic dashboard widgets, which improved work efficiency and helped users prioritize tasks and oversee financial report volumes.
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Interaction Design
Behavior change
5 min read

Fitbit Mobile App - Enhancing Community Engagement,

Led the design of an initiative to reduce the churn rate of the Fitbit mobile application by reinforcing behavior change and increasing community engagement.
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Sundance Institute Website Design

Conducted a content audit of the entire website and redesigned information architecture for 50+ webpage.
Mobile UX
Business Strategy
Product Design

Designed to Expand Access, Foster Inclusivity, and Drive Business Growth.

Developed a comprehensive strategy for a business case aiming to extend the user base of the LinkedIn and Microsoft ecosystem into an unexplored area.
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What is design to me ?
Let's transform your vision into reality with an insightful conversation. Don't miss out – connect with me today!
Passionate, self-motivated & a fast learner.
Ability to break a complex problem into smaller tangible tasks.
Understand business goals with user needs.

Sundance Institute Website

Conducted a content audit of the entire website and redesigned information architecture for 50+ webpage.

Accessibility ToolKit for Designers

Conducted user research and ideated a design toolkit foe designers to help start informed discussions keeping accessibility at the centre.

Gratifood - beyond the plate

Finalists and the only design paper publication from Indiana University-Bloomington at ACM CHI 2022 student design challenge.

Books Shaping My Perspective


The Mind Map Book

by Tony Buzan with Barry Buzan
Quick Reads

Some of my thoughts

Tool and strategies modern teams need to help their companies grow.
Design Psychology

Inclusion of Metaphor in Game Design

A brief exploration of Game Design and the role of metaphors in mental models, modern game design, complex games.
UX Design

Users Engaged in Experience : An Instagram Analysis

Linear helps streamline software projects, sprints, tasks, and bug tracking. Here’s how to get started.

Metaverse: The Future of internet is here?

A discussion on the origins of virtual worlds, the importance of realism, ubiquity, interoperability, and the role of designers in addressing challenges such as privacy, ethics, and addiction.
Frequently asked questions

A few things potential employers normally ask me

What is your Design process?
I typically adhere to the double diamond method as my foundational design approach, providing a well-structured framework. My process remains adaptable to the information available about the problem or product. Starting with the design thinking workflow, I analyze the problem and existing research.

For instance, in a recent project, I capitalized on extensive quantitative data from marketing research, collaborating with the research team to efficiently gain insights. I arranged a meeting with the research team to understand the research outcomes, optimizing my time instead of independently conducting extensive research. I supplemented this with in-depth interviews for qualitative perspectives, identifying opportunities and potential design solutions.

Early prototyping and user feedback play a crucial role in my process, facilitating efficient iteration, effectiveness, and collaborative enhancement.
What roles are you looking for ?
I am looking for UX Designer and Product design roles.
Are you willing to relocate?
Yes. I am more than happy to move for the right opportunity.
What is your work eligibility
I am on my OPT visa and also have STEM Extension that provides work authorization permitted by the USCIS to get practical training to complement our learnings from school. The work authorization makes me eligible to work in the US without sponsorship till July 2026 with a possible extension through H1B visa sponsorship.